Norms of the Bank of Spaces

The Bank of Spaces is a supply of expositivosspaces for all the students of our Faculty as a result of  the  managements  realised by the Areaof Culture and University Extension, in order that all  our  students  of  Beautiful  Arts  can  solicit, have and enjoy these spaces for the celebrationof exhibitions in the localities and the scopesdesignated in the Bank.

The presented requests will have  to indicate  the  place  chosen  for  the celebration  of  the  exhibition  with  the  approval  of a professor and salary filled up correctly thecorresponding form. And once filled out all thenecessary documents, all the presentedrequests will be put under  a  process of  selection realised  by  the  directors  of  the  Area  of  Culture.

All project that does not satisfy therequirements formulated in the document ofRequest of Room, directly will be misestimated.

The minimum time to ask for a room that is with in the Bank of Spaces will have to be of four months of advance with respect to the date of the inauguration.

The Bank of Spaces tries to bea tool of aid and promotion of the artistaccording to the agreements of collaboration signed by our University with the different city councils and  centers  from  art  that  appear  in  the Bank  of  Spaces;  so that way the student don’t have to look for or to negotiate personally and individual its pretension to celebrate exhibitions in anyone of the expositivos spaces that  prepare  the  municipalities  next  to  our Community.

The student who asks for  exhibition for  one  of  the  spaces  contained  in  the  Bank  of Spaces  must  know:

– That the transport is the responsibility of each artist.

– That the room is necessary to leave it as they find it us.

– Thatthe culture scholarship holders will offer supportin the assembly.

– That the invitation and theposter that is going to be published will have to be designed using as it bases the designedarchitecture (that will be in DOCUMENTS).

-That all the necessary documents for thepresentation of requests are in the eyelashDOCUMENTS (1-request of room, 2-architectureof the poster and 3-architecture of the invitation)

This text has been translated using a machine translation engine.

10 October 2019